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Current Land Use

Category: Current Land Use
Created on Sunday, 30 September 2018 14:52

-        Fully established Olive tree groves with a total of 250 trees,

-        Small assortment of fruit trees (apple, pear, peach, fig ect.)

-        Small vegetable garden (tomato, peppers, strawberries ect. )

-        Alfalfa cultivation (medicago sativa)















Property for development Greece - Area

Category: Lot of 10 hectares For Sale In Greece
Created on Sunday, 30 September 2018 14:52


The wider area in which the property is located is within close proximity to two of the most popular and significant tourist attractions in Greece, the archeological site of Delphi (the Oracle) and the Lion of Heronia (first battle of Alexander the Great and his father, to unify the Greeks) . As there is a constant stream of tourists (most of which are foreigners) the region is accustomed to seeing foreigners and recognizes their presence as a positive indicator for local economic development, and hence traditional greek hospitality is seen to work hand in hand with the benefits which tourism provides in the region.

Another important site within the region is the resort town of Edipsos, famous for its unique mineral baths used for healing. There are more than eighty individual springs with waters ranging from 28 to 86 degrees centigrade. The springs are effective in providing therapy for numerous ailments including; rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis, degenerative arthritis, spondylo- arthritis, myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, neuritis, backaches, tendonitis, diseases of the endocrine cycle and post traumatic inflammation.This coastalm town has many privately owned spa facilities, baths, and pools.

On a last note, we wish to mention that a few years ago, we financed a prefeasibility study for the creation of a pilot agro/eco touristic facility, with an emphasis on families, including older and younger tourists.The development included, apart from different types of lodgings, eco/agro activities within the site (olives, milk/cheese/jams/bread production, dried fruits, knitting, weaving, etc), sporting and spa facilities (including courts and gyms and pools), churches, theatre, utilities area, garages, etc. Three alternative scenarios were thoroughly developed (with technical details, designs, etc) by the landscape architects who undertook the study. We would be pleased to discuss this study in the case you are favorably examining the selection of our site for your purposes. 

Cost of living in Greece

The Healing Waters of Edipsos


Flat, Fenced, Lot of 10.8 Hectares with direct access to the National Roadway & to the National Railway network. Flat, Fenced, Lot of 10.8 Hectares -ktimavakakis.com

Ktima Vakakis - Lot / Property for Sale in central Greece, Tithorea / Parnassos

Category: Lot of 10 hectares For Sale In Greece
Created on Sunday, 30 September 2018 14:52

Ktima Vakakis - Lot / Property for Sale - Central Greece, Tithorea / Parnassos


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