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Healing Mineral Baths of Edipsos

aidipsosEdipsos has to be one of the most amazing resorts in the world when it comes to healing mineral baths.There are more than eighty individual springs with waters ranging from 28 to 86 degrees centigrade, which can be quite hot. These springs are said to be effective in curing problems such as rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis, degenerative arthritis, spondylo-arthritis, myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, neuritis, backaches, tendonitis, vessel diseases, diseases of the endocrine cycle  and post traumatic inflammation. A number of gynecological complaints can be remedied such as salpigitis, endometrititis infertility, and ovarian deficiency. They also say it can cure men's potency problems. There are also many privately owned spa facilities, baths and pools, some of which belong to the hotels. Nature has also chipped in for a rare combined experience where the warm water gushes from the sea bed, a rare phenomenon that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

The Greek national Tourism Organization has built brand new spa facilities for state-of-the-art hydrotherapy, with 84 individual baths equipped for hydromassage, an indoor pool for kinisiotherapy and special bathing and shower installations for treatment of the limbs, slipped disk and cervical spine syndrome. There is a physiotherapy center offering inhalation and electrotherapy, massage with hand and electromassage as well as a fully equipped gymnasium. An outdoor pool on the grounds can be used for bathing in both mineral and sea water. There are steam rooms, saunas and a staff of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists at this and other hotels.

One of the things that makes Edipsos so attractive is the cost. It is a fraction of what you would pay in the USA or Europe if you could even find a place which combined Natural Traditional Therapy, the latest in Thermal Spring Therapy with the beaches and atmosphere of a Greek island. If the wear and tear of life has dragged you down, a couple weeks here will do you some good, with or without a doctors prescription.




parnasos skisenter near to vakakis lot


Parnassos Ski Center

Driving time via Amfiklia is exactly 30 minutes along amajestic route through the forests of Mount Parnassos.








Archeological sites


  • Delphi             46,5 km,  travel time needed 50 min  
  • Plataeas          83,9 km, travel time needed h 16 min             
  • Thiva                 66,4 km, travel time needed 57 min                   
  • Tithorea            7,5 km,  time needed 10 min




National Forest Reserve of Parnassos

At a driving time of just 15 minutes, the beautiful forests of Mount Parnassos can be accessed through the village of Amfikila, for hiking and nature friendly activities





Beaches of the eastern coast of Central Greece paralia

Clean, blue flagged, organized with all amenities sandy beaches on the eastern coast of Central Greece are just a 30 min ride away, through olive trees and vineyhards.  More particularly,

Arkitsa 40 km (*)

Livanates  35 km (*)

Skala  30  km (*)



Μajor ports

  Port of Pireas

166 km, 1 hour 53 mins


  Port of Arkitsa

40 km, 30 min


  Port of Agios Kostantinos       

80 km,1 hour


  Port of Itea/Nafpaktos

46.7km, 50 mins


(*) When the tunnel under construction is completed, these distances will be 30, 25, 20 km respectively



National Bus system

800 m away, from the village of Kato Tithorea there is a daily operation of regular buses from/to Athens and  Thessaloniki.




National Railway station 

800 meters from the station of “Tithorea”.  There are seven trains daily (out of which 3 are InterCity), 7 days a week.  The shortest trip from Athens is 1 hour 37 minutes, while the longest is 1 hour and 50 minutes.



Major cities & villages









156 km - travel time needed 1 h 50 min 

66,1 km - travel time needed 56 min      

108 km - travel time needed 1 h 26 min

34,5 km - travel time needed 37 min     

15  km - travel time needed 20 min          

66,0 km - travel time needed 55 min      

25  km - travel time needed 20 min          




Healthcare facilities

Hospital : The closest Hospital is that of Livadia, just 25 km away. Additionally, the Hospital of Thiva is 66 Km away and the hospital of Lamia is 66 km away

Health care Centre : The closest Health care Centres are those of Tithorea and Amfiklia, which are 800 m and 15km away , respectively

Pharmacies : The village of Kato Tithorea, boasts two very modern and fully operational pharmacies

Doctors: The village of Kato Tithorea , has two resident private doctors





Mobile phone connection: All mobile providers have excellent coverage in the area

Internet: It is extremely easily to have access to internet, providing a subscription is taken with a provider. All internet providers have shops in Kato Tithorea and Livadia. Actually, the site, has at this moment, telephone and internet connection

Entertainment: The site is ideally suited for the development of a wide variety of activities for all ages: Indicatively, the following are mentioned:

Sports and spas: swimming, skiing, horse riding, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, relaxation and spa facilities

Archeological tourism: Excursions can be organized to surrounding sites, such as Delphi, Plataeas, Thiva, Heronia, Tithorea

Religious tourism: Many old and well maintained Churches exist in the neighbouring and broader area of Fthiotida, including famous accessible monasteries, such as Osios Loukas

Agro/eco touristic activities: introduction of local cultural and culinary customs, local craftsmanship, engagement in regional seasonal agricultural practices, introduction to environmental awareness, etc.




The villages of Tithorea, Amfiklia, Livadia have various venues where, mainly greek and particular, local cuisine can be enjoyed – the “souvlaki of Livadia” is known throughout Greece.  All market chains that exist in Athens are present in Livadia and Lamia, whilst the ski lovers can procur anything related to their sport from Amfiklia.



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Ktima vakakis Proximity to major ports (Port of Pireas, Port of ARkitsa, Port of Agios Kostantionos, Port of Itea, Port of Nafpaktos)

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  Port of Pireas

166 km, 1 hour 53 mins Directions


  Port of ARkitsa

40 km, 30 min Directions


  Port of Agios Kostantionos

80 km,1 hour Directions


  Port of Itea/Nafpaktos

46.7km, 50 mins

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